2003 CQP - High Wires in the High Sierra

Close-up of (right) tree-top guy line shows that our 40/80 Meter Trap Dipole was really up there!

This year we had 3 operators, setup 3 stations and put up 7 antennas.  Our antenna farm in the pine trees included 3 element wire beams for 15M and 20M plus 4 dipoles.  We also had 3 element 10M yagi on a 30ft push-up mast.  All of our sling shot launched guy lines into the 10 pine trees holding the wire antennas were amazingly high in the trees.  The antennas were all in the 60 ft range in their tree top locations.  We even added a 40M and a 10M dipole on Saturday afternoon during the contest, so we could better operate cw/ssb simultaneously on those bands. 

Mainly due to declining band conditions on 10 Meters, we made about 300 less total QSOs versus last year.  However, our total CW QSOs of 1,138 was our most to date.   Band conditions on 15 meters into Europe were amazing on Sunday with European stations often much stronger than the stateside signals.  We had over 200 QSOs with Europe versus just a handful last year.

It's always nice to see the Mono County line...only 30 more miles to Mammoth Lakes.

W6KC's Station 2 included a TV for a 50 yard seat for the weekend football games (QSO rates permitting).

WQ6X did a good job covering all the bands & modes as always.

W6JTB had to leave a couple of hours before the end of the contest, but since 20M was not producing we didn't lose too many QSOs.

It sure takes a full load to do a CQP county expedition.  Good thing there were no passengers in Jim's Explorer this year.

And thanks again to Randy (W6SW) who was unable to make the trip this year, but let us borrow all his equipment & antennas including his trusty sling-slot.

The weather in the Eastern Sierra was fantastic.  It helped make launching and taking down our antennas almost as enjoyable as the contest.  CQP in the Sierra continues to be one of the best times of the year.  Thanks to all!

73, Jim (W6KC), John (W6JTB) & Ron (WQ6X)

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