2007 CQP

An Untimely Sample of Winter Weather

80 Meter Dipole Feed Line in the Snow Covered Trees

This was my 16th consecutive year operating a CQP county expedition from Mammoth Lakes in Mono County. On Wednesday I made the 300 mile drive from my home QTH to Mammoth...as I crossed from Inyo County into Mono County I noticed a nice new sign that said "Welcome to Mono County - Wild by Nature." As it turned out nature was wild, mainly while I was trying to setup my wire antennas in the pine trees. On Thursday the wind was really strong which made it very difficult to make my sling shot launched guy lines hit the mark. It took all day just to get my three dipoles up. I didn't even try to get my 3 element 15M wire beam up...too much wind. We'll, I thought, 15M will probably be as bad as 10M, so I might as well just go with a 15M dipole this year.


Plenty of Snow hits the Deck

The Low 20s

On Friday I planned to launch my 3 element 20M wire beam, but it snowed all day and the temperature never got out of the low 20s F. Since I was still wiped out from Thursday's effort, I decided to just go with my dipoles...too much snow, cold and wind. At least the nap felt great!

Saturday morning I went outside to see how my dipoles survived Friday's snow storm. The first thing I notice was a large bear paw impression in the snow on my porch. I didn't actually see the bear on my porch, but on Monday as I was packing up, one of my neighbors told me that they saw a very large bear by my porch, so that keeps my recent streak of bear encounters during CQP going for another year. Lucky I didn't decide to go outside at the wrong time.

Bear Tracks on the Porch

Warning Sign above the Front Door and the
Unused 20M Wire Beam Supports on the Porch

Saturday morning, before CQP started I called CQ on 15M...nothing. I moved to 20M and called CQ and had a nice QSO with KH6LC. Since last year Hawaii was my last mult with one minute left in CQP, I made sure that I would get the HI mult this year by chatting with KH6LC for a couple more minutes so I could log him as my first QSO. Of course this year I had a bunch of HI QSOs on all the bands.

I stayed on 20M SSB for a while, but soon confirmed that a my 20M dipole was not going to be that great on SSB, so I spent most of the afternoon on 20M CW. I never could quite catch any of the 15M openings. Sunday morning I was surprised by a call on 20M SSB from VY1WR who gave me his #39 and the NT mult, but since I never found ND and SK for my last two mults...no sweep this year. I finished with over 450 QSOs below my Mono County record set last year...guessed I really missed my wire beams and 15M propagation.



The Official Bottle of CQP 15th Place Wine from 2006 Returns to Mono County for a Photo Shoot
(Click for a Close-up)


As always, CQP was lots of fun and it was nice to have eye ball and CQP QSOs with the other active Mono County hams, W6SX and W7AB/W7FD at W6M.

Thanks to all!


Jim, W6KC @ W6ML, Mammoth Lakes, Mono County

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