2018 CQP


Back in Mono

After operating CQP the last 4 years from my home QTH in LA County, in 2018 I returned to Mammoth Lakes for another Mono county expedition. Since my wife and I both just retired in September we had time to plan an extended High Sierra vacation and fit CQP in the mix too. My antennas consisted of dipoles on 80, 20 & 15M plus a 40M Inverted V all launched to heights of about 60 ft in the surrounding pine trees. I only needed a total of 5 trees to support my wires since I tied the 20 and 15M dipoles end-to-end to share the same 2 trees. It took me only one extra shot with my high-powered slingshot to hit the mark on my 5 trees.

80m Horse Fence antenna on left and 20m Dipole at about 60 ft in the tree top on the right



CQP County Expedition Station W6ML in Mammoth Lakes, Mono County



Fall Colors in Mono


All my antennas and equipment worked as expected. After a first blazing hour of 106 QSOs on 20m CW, I averaged about 52 QSOs/hour for the balance of my time. When I quit for the night at about 0600 I had a sweep minus MS. I finally got my sweep on Sunday afternoon when I was tuning on 15M SSB and caught the tail end of KF5K giving his report to a CA station saying his section was MS. I quickly jumped on his frequency and asked if I could work him up 3. I QSY'd and called CQ MS and he came right back giving his number 13 in MS. Lucky 13 for me as that was my only MS QSO. And thanks to Hank, W6SX for helping us share the bands with minor interference between our HP stations about 1/2 mile apart in Mammoth Lakes. 73, Jim W6ML (W6KC) K3S, AL80B Amp and dipoles, all at 60 ft plus 8,000ft Above Sea Level

Thanks for all the QSOs and great ops in CQP!


Jim, W6KC @ W6ML, Mammoth Lakes, Mono County

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