2021 CQP


A New Personal Best Score for Mono County Expedition

Fortunately, the smoke from the California fires, wasn't as bad as last year and I had mostly blue skies to launch my antennas. This year again I used dipoles for 40, 20 and 15 plus an inverted V for 80. They were all squeezed in between my two favorite pine trees. I upgraded the coax feedlines from RG8x to RG213 so I could run full power with my new KPA1500 amp. And for the first time I had an antenna analyzer to check the antennas and troubleshoot one high SWR problem.

Thanks to pretty good propagation, no power outages and no RFI Murphy visits, I was able to put in a full-time effort and achieve my all-time best single op Mono County Expedition results that included almost 1,200 CW QSOs.

One highlight was getting called by KL7SB on 40m CW who had a very strong signal and thinking to myself that the propagation from NT, the last section I needed, would also be good. My next CQ was answered by VY1CO who gave me his #34 for my sweep. It is true, you always sleep better when you get a sweep on Saturday night and it takes a lot of pressure off of Sunday operating.

Also, thanks to Hank, W6SX (we are about one-half mile apart in Mammoth) for helping share the bands between our two HP stations during CQP.

And, many thanks to the NCCC for sponsoring another great CQP!

Rig: K3s, KPA1500, wire antennas at 60 Ft high in the pine trees plus 8,000 Ft above sea level in Mammoth Lakes on the Eastern side of the beautiful High Sierra

All wire Antennas - Three Dipoles and an 80m Inverted Vee up about 60ft in the pine trees
CQP 2021 County Expedition Station W6ML in Mammoth Lakes, Mono County

Fall in Mono County in the beautiful High Sierra is always a great place to operate in the CQP

Big snow storm arrives in the Sierra one week after the CQP weekend

Thanks for the QSOs and great ops in CQP!


Jim, W6KC @ W6ML, Mammoth Lakes, Mono County

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