2000 CQP - Team W6ML

This year we recruited three more hams John (W6JTB), Bill (N6PY) & Ron (KX6H) to join with Jim (W6KC) and Randy (W6SW) form team W6ML.  Since we doubled last year's score it certainly was the more the merrier. We also enjoyed breaking in our new special club call for Mammoth Lakes (W6ML).  The weather was beautiful on Friday as the pocket rocket launched the fishing line over the pine trees to pull the 10 guy lines needed for our dipoles and wire beams.   This year a 3 element 10M mono band yagi replaced the old 10M wire beam with excellent results.  All was set and ready to go in time for a pre-CQP warm-up at the local Chart House Restaurant where we linked up for dinner with another Mono County portable group, W6JA (W7AB & W7FD). We had a great meal and fun get together and we were all certainly primed up for CQP Saturday. 

Saturday morning, ten minutes into the contest one of the computers locked up and it later responded only with the buzz of a CW signal coming from the 20M station. Fortunately a backup laptop PC was available and placed into service. All of the hand logging of the past hour was keyed in while we were in a catch up mode. The rest of the weekend went well and 10m sure was hot, hot, hot! It's amazing what you can do with some wire and a few scraps of metal at 8,000 feet elevation. 

73 and thanks for all the QSO's, 

Team W6ML - CQP in Mammoth Lakes, Mono County 

W6KC's SUV is Packed up and ready to leave Santa Monica for Mammoth Lakes, Mono County with 3 PC's, 2 Amp, Lots of Wire & Cable, etc, etc, etc.

Packing for CQP

KX6H hitched a ride with W6SW and W6KC drove solo on the trip from Santa Monica to Mammoth Lakes.  Lots of 2M chat and HF QSO's filled the time and the 300-mile drive went quickly.   W6JTB and N6PY linked up with us in Mammoth for the Friday antenna raising part of the weekend.

What's 97 miles Northeast of Santa Monica? - The Texaco Gas Station in Mojave of Course.

The GMC Jimmy was top loaded with a 10M yagi, 30 Ft push up mast and a 15M wire beam

John (W6JTB) pulls one of the Big Wire Beams up another few Feet.

A cold beer appears to offer encouragement


W6KC at the Mic on 15M SSB

W6SW is Workin' em' Fast on 10M while N6PY checks out the Galley

Da' Network Hub


KX6H lights up 20CW 

15M Wire Beam flying high in the Trees

10M Yagi on the Upper Deck plus 30 Ft

 This little 3 Element Mono 10M Bander (8,040 Ft Elevation) owned one of the Strongest Signals from North America according to the Reports from EU


 Goodbye to Mono County  for another Year

The only cooling off came when we packed up Monday for the 300-mile commute back to Santa Monica. A big Sierra storm front arrived with blowing winds and the start of rain showers just as we were heading south.

Be sure to checkout the on-line logs from the CQP operations in Mono County.

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