1999 CQP - Grin and Bear It

This year we were optimistic as always that we would set a new personal best CQP score, however, it seems that the best run we had was when this bear passed by while we were taking down the antennas.

W6BEAR Provides Extra Excitement

Jim and Randy are Packed up and Ready to leave Santa Monica for Mammoth Lakes, Mono County

Packing for CQP

The trip from Santa Monica to Mammoth Lakes went smoothly and we enjoyed a few QSO's from the mobile TS-50 as we zipped up along the eastern side of the High Sierra Mountain range.   Randy was happy to see that his favorite stuffed spiced pickle store was still open when we reached Lone Pine about 6:30 PM on Thursday night. 

Randy picks up a few Jars just to Guarantee a Hot Weekend

Wire Beams for 10, 15 and 20 Meters were Launched and ready for Action by 5 PM Friday


Jim's Mind is Spaced out from hitting the F1 Key

On the bands we just couldn't get the rates going to break our prior high score of 1,752 QSO and 251,372 points in 1997.  All antennas seemed to  worked well with the exception of the 10 Meter Wire Beam.  After two years of sub-par success on 10 Meters it appears that its time scrap the wire and bring up the trusty 10 meter real metal Yagi antenna.   Jim's favorite call sign worked: OK2PAY

 High Randy digs em' out on 20 Meters

Most Excitement: A tie between getting the rate up to 100+/hour for a long stretch on 40 CW and getting QSO number #1 from VE2WP on 20 CW for the sweep 

After finishing the contest at 3 PM on Sunday afternoon we took down just two of the antennas and went fishing. 
The fishing, however, was slow with only one bite.   A  really big one teased us with a jump and broke the line to swim away.  Since we both took an extra day off work we didn't need to pack up the gear until Monday for the 300-mile drive back to Santa Monica.   While taking down the antennas on Monday, our last bit of excitement occurred when a bear cruised by about 20 feet away.  Jim ran for the camera, but only got a parting shot at our furry friend.  Driving home seemed a bit shorter with a bunch of great rag chew QSO's mobile on 17 Meters.

 It's Always hard to say Goodbye to Mono County  for another Year

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